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  • Asian

    Salted Egg Fried Mixed Rice

    By 17th April 2018

     Scrumptious and flavourful! This dish shared by home cook Rosalynn Tan is unlike your usual fried...

  • Chinese

    Salt Baked Chicken

    By 12th April 2018

     Moist and tender, this recipe brings out the best of fresh chicken meat! In this...

  • Fusion

    Brown Rice Crust Baked Salmon

    By 10th April 2018

     Flavourful and aromatic. Whenever you cook this dish, your kitchen would be filled with a...

  • Chinese

    Hakka Yellow Rice Wine Chicken

    By 5th April 2018

     Rich and distinct in flavour, this Hakka Rice Wine Chicken recipe is shared by home...

  • Indian

    Palak Paneer Curry

    By 3rd April 2018

     Creamy, smooth and nutty spinach gravy. The Palak Paneer is one of the most popular...

  • Chinese

    Steamed Minced Pork with Water Chestnut

    By 27th March 2018

     Delicious combination of well-marinated pork and crunchy water chestnut. This Steamed Minced Pork with Water...

  • Chinese

    Soon Kueh

    By 22nd March 2018

     Traditional handmade rice skin stuffed with stir-fried bamboo shoots, turnip, dried prawns and mushrooms. A...

  • Asian

    Assam Steamed Fish

    By 15th March 2018

     Sweet, sour and just a little spicy – this dish is super addictive! Our Assam...

  • Asian

    Healthy Detox Meal

    By 8th March 2018

     Low in calories and high in fibre – these dishes are packed with high nutrients...

  • Asian

    Baked Laksa Chicken

    By 6th March 2018

     Rich, fragrant and flavourful! This Asian inspired recipe brings you the classic Laska flavour in...

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