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Eat at home lah!


Eat at home lah!

Eat at home lah!

by Carissa Wong

Eating at home comes with various perks, but a recent survey shows that only 22% of Singaporeans cook daily.

Singapore: a country where food is plentiful and people bond over food. Notably, it is difficult to avoid eating out- 60% of Singaporeans eat out at least 4 times a week but here are some perks that might convince you to eat at home more often!


You’ve finally gotten a place at a table and made your order after waving to the service staff as though you’ve met a long lost friend. After 30 minutes, you’ve finally been served your set menu for the day…..

In a restaurant:

You’re served a tiny portion, you gobble it down, then pretend that you’re full from a serving that’s probably fit for a 3 year old.
“Eh! They call it fine dining!”

And after heading back home…

Dang! Should have just stayed at home from the start!

At home: 

Boom! No one’s looking – make it an upsize! Nah throw in some extra gravy… hmmm maybe some cheese on this juicy Chicken might just do the trick! Make it yours and make it count! Cook for 3 when it is really only for 2. What’s calorie counting anyway!?

We’re kidding! Don’t waste food – share the love with everyone by listing your home cooked meals on Share Food mobile app!

Eating neatly

Come on! You really wish you could just tuck your fingers to feast on that juicy chicken wing or those slippery prawns!

In a restaurant:

Cutting everything into small pieces because stuffing your face and using your bare hands is socially unacceptable in a restaurant.

At home:

What is a knife? Everything is bite sized if you try.

Sitting style

In a restaurant:

Hands on your lap, legs flat on the ground. It’s like you’re taking a class photo all over again. No hunched backs or your dining partner (most likely your parents) will scowl at you.

At home:

The opposite- sitting like a trishaw driver, butt at the front of the chair but your back touching the backrest. Legs up, elbows up, we’re at home, right? Why not just get comfortable?

Eating Alone

Most people hate eating alone. It’s boring, and you feel like everyone is staring.

In a restaurant:

Keep your eyes on your phone, look down, eat slowly, don’t attract attention to yourself!

At home:

Who cares?! You’re alone, time to go pants-less and watch shows while eating!


In a restaurant:

When you’ve waiting but you can’t cancel the food because it’s been ‘in the oven’ for the last 30 minutes.

At home:

When your Mom tells you the food is ready but it isn’t.

(You should help out when you’re home though!)

Dang – can’t cook up a storm so you can enjoy it at home?

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