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How to make Fried Oyster Cake


How to make Fried Oyster Cake

She’s got it all worked out! Talented Share Food home cook brings to the table a delicious, healthier version of our favourite Fried Oyster Cake. We recommend using Coconut Oil as your source of oil when deep frying because it makes it healthier than other oils. Studies have shown that even after deep frying for 8 hours, coconut oil has the capabilities of maintaining its quality. Perfect temperature for deep frying? That’s 180ºC.

“Practice makes perfect. The first 2 will usually be unsuccessful for me but after that it’s smooth sailing.” – Lucinda Lau

“Loved by my nephews! I always make them fresh whenever they ask for it!” – Lucinda Lau

The trick to making this delicious dish boils down (no pun intended) to being patient and practice truly makes it perfect when it comes achieving the desired shape of these lovely Oyster Cakes.

Full recipe right here!

Preparation Time:  1 hour | Cook Time: 30 mins | Total Time: 1 hr 30 mins

No. of servings: 8

Ingredients 食材

  • 5 cups or more Coconut oil, sufficient to full submerge the ladle (5杯或更多的椰子油,足以完全浸泡勺子)
  • 100g soya beans, washed and soaked overnight(100克黄豆,洗净并隔夜浸泡)
  • 250g plain flour (250克面粉)
  • 50g rice flour (50克粘米粉)
  • 200g pork collar / chicken(200克五花肉/鸡肉)
  • 150g chopped prawns(150克虾,去壳和去腸)
  • 100g bean sprouts (100克豆芽)
  • 1 stalk of spring onion (1束青葱,切碎)
  • 10 fresh oysters,wash and drained (10个生蚝,洗净)·
  • 1 tsp sugar (1茶匙糖)
  • 2 tsp salt (2茶匙盐)
  • 2 tsp pepper (2茶匙胡椒粉)
  • 1 tsp cornflour (1茶匙蜀粉)
  • 2 tsp baking powder (2茶匙烘焙粉)
  • 1 cup of roasted peanuts (1杯花生,烤过)
  • 1 cup of fried ikan bilis (1杯江鱼仔,炸过)


Cooking Directions 烹煮过程

Step 1: Prepare the filling 准备馅料)

  • Attach the meat grinder attachment to Chef Sense, mince the meat and prawn. Marinate it with sugar, salt, pepper and cornflour. (用绞肉机将五花肉和虾绞碎。倒入糖,盐,胡椒粉和蜀粉,搅拌均匀。)
  • Mix in bean sprouts and spring onion. Transfer the bowl into the chiller. (加入豆芽和青葱。用保鲜膜把碗包着,放入冰箱。)

Step 2: Prepare the flour 准备面糊)

  • Attach the glass blender to Chef Sense, add in soaked soy bean with 2 cups of water. Blend till smooth. (将浸泡好的黄豆和2杯水倒入璃搅拌机里。搅拌直到糊状。)
  • In the mixing bowl, add in flour, rice flour, baking powder, and soy bean paste. Attach K-beater, mix well. Add in water if the consistency is too dry. (在混合碗里,倒入面粉,粘面粉,烘焙粉和黄豆糊。装上K-打附件,拌匀。慢慢的倒入水,直到达到对的致性。)

Step 3: Start frying 开始炸)

  • Heat up the pan with 5 cups of hot coconut oil, dip the metal soup ladle into the oil until it bubbles on the ladle.(热椰子油。 将勺子浸泡在热油中,直到勺子边有油泡。)
  • Scoop 3 tbsp of batter into a ladle, add in 1 tbsp of marinated meat, 1 oyster and top it up with another 3 tbsp of batter to cover the filling. Lay some peanut and ikan bilis on top and fry it in the hot oil. (将3汤匙的面糊倒入热勺子里,添加1汤匙肉馅,1个生蚝,再填上3汤匙的面糊。撒上花生和江鱼仔,让后放入油锅里炸。)
  • Fry until golden brown, the oyster cake will fall off from the ladle. Let it fry for another 1 minute, till it is fully cooked. (一旦炸到金黄色,蚝饼将从勺子滑出。炸多1分中,就能捞起。)
  • Let cool and ready to eat! (放凉后,即可享用!)


Recipe adapted from Lucinda Lau @ Little India

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