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Inspiring Mothers’ Favourite Food


Inspiring Mothers’ Favourite Food

Leading up to Mother’s Day week! We dedicate this article to the inspiring women from all over the world who have the toughest (some might even say the worst) job in the world. They’ve shaped us to become who we are today. Our values, habits and opinions might and may have been influenced by these mighty women.

We thought what better way is there to give back to our beloved mummies than a meal that is straight from the heart this Mother’s Day?

To spur you on, here’s a list of the favourite food from some of these amazing, inspiring women from around the world.



Mediacorp A-List Artiste
Photo Source:

The Queen of Caldecott Hill (or now one-north), Zoe Tay, was in the limelight throughout her pregnancy. As a proud mother of her three sons whom she endearing calls her three musketeers, she is a firm believer in nurturing and parenting her kids from young. As an A-list celebrity with Mediacorp, Zoe Tay reminds all mothers that after 40, “It’s for us [women] to get pretty again.” She has definitely walked the walk and talked the talk. Now back in showbiz, Zoe Tay doesn’t fall short as one of Singapore’s most respected mothers.



Former First Lady of the United States

She’s the first African-American First lady. A Harvard Law graduate, Michelle Obama is a mother of two, Malia Ann and Natasha. During her tenure as First Lady, Michelle Obama not only became a role model for women but she was also a strong advocate for nutrition and healthy eating. From a young age, many have told her that she had “set her sights too high” when she applied for Princeton but she went against all odds and proved otherwise. According to a New York Times article, Michelle Obama likes to indulge in waffles—just not every day. Her number one favourite meal is what she calls “the ultimate food” – Pizza! From having pizza as a dessert to a healthy snack – “you can do anything with them”! Michelle Obama’s personal Friday favourite is a Veggie Pizza on wheat!







Image Source: Yoka

Kee Hee Sun
Korean A List Actress

Photo Source: Winter Sonata

A mother of one, Kee Hee Sun, has beauty and anti-aging secrets that is enough to form an encyclopedia. Her hiatus from acting to become a full time mum led her to publish a book on childcare and losing pregnancy weight. So what does Kim Hee Sun eat to look like she has never aged? She is an avid fan of fruit and vegetable juices like orange, tomato, carrot, and grape. She is also an advocate for Ginseng! Attributing it to her healthy skin and increased immunity. This 38-year-old mum is definitely an inspiration for many of us (man included!) as a benchmark to health and beauty.

Try making some Dang Gui chicken shared by Share Food home cook Shirley Tay for your mum to boost her immunity and maybe even yours!



St Teresa of Calcutta
Nun and Missionary

Mother Teresa, or also known now as St Teresa of Calcutta, is a Mother, but in a same same yet different kind of way. An advocate for the poor and the helpless, she won the Nobel Peace Price for her work with people and for giving unconditionally to those who were sick, aged, and outcast from the world. Mother Teresa led a simple life and while she did not technically have any “guilty pleasures”, the “Indian Street Food” was what she commonly consumed while she was on the move.

Try making some of your own by learning from our Share Food home cook Puja Pateel




Social Worker

She is Singapore’s Mother Teresa. Teresa Hsu dedicated her life to helping the poor and the elderly. While food was never right on top of her list of wants, Teresa’s favourites are milk and yogurt. Simple, yet nourishing. As a supercentanarian (someone who has lived passed their 110th birthday), her diet is tested and proven to be a good if not the best recipe for longevity (of course, we must not forget her good karma too) While Teresa is not a mother per se, she is still one of inspiring women of Singapore especially since she was inaugurated into the Singapore’s Women hall of fame.

So why not impress your mother with an award winning Caesar Salad dish!


Image Source:


Photo Source: Weibo

HK Model, Actress and Singer

In the beginning, Angelababy only had a 5-minute cameo on screen but today she stars alongside some of the biggest stars in Hong Kong. At only 28 years this year, she already owns a nail parlour, a cafe, a lifestyle store, a Venture capital funds company and she is also on the Hurun Philanthropy list. It was tough at first to pick out her favourite food, since she prefers a mix of Japanese and European fusion but we delved into the menu of her cafe and found out that in there holds many of her favourite dishes! So the rest is history. Now Angelababy is a proud mother of her son who should be about 5 months old now, and unfortunately we couldn’t dig out a photo of her and her kiddo except for a fist pump shot!


Photo Source: Vermilion Roots


From left: Jean Yip and daughter Cheryl Image source:

Founder of Jean Yip Group


Image Source: Dawn Yip’s LinkedIn

Group Operations Director of Jean Yip Group

Okay – we’re cheating a little on this one but these are three inspiring women! A mother and daughter duo that is inspiring, beautiful and very talented. Jean – a successful entrepreneur and her daughter – Cheryl Wee – a rising pageant star who can act and sing. And then we have Dawn Yip (Jean’s sister) – at first, we didn’t know who should be in our list and then we thought all of them should count! Jean started as a humble hairdressing business and together with her sister Dawn Yip – they form a Group which included slimming and beauty. To date, they have won numerous awards for Most Trusted Brand and Singapore Prestigious brands. This mighty family of wonder women continue to inspire and train fellow women by offering on-the-job training programs for hairdressing, spa and aesthetic therapy apprenticeships.



Image Source: Joyz X.


Image Source: Sylvia Lim’s Instagram Account

Singapore Politician and Lawyer

She didn’t say it was her favourite but it was definitely “heavenly”. This controversial image sparked rumours that Singapore Politician Sylvia Lim may have been gunning for a new seat during the last Singapore General election. While Sylvia Lim is not a Mother, she is still no doubt an inspiring Singaporean woman whom we cannot disregard. In many ways, she has earned her respect in her community and has built a strong base of supporters. Having served in the Singapore Police Force, Sylvia’s contribution to society extends to charity groups such as the Spastic Children’s association and the Salvation Army Home for the Aged.

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