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The things only homemakers understand


The things only homemakers understand

by Carissa Wong

Being a housewife/house husband is a tough job. It’s not exactly a 9-5 job, some sources even say that homemakers work 17 hrs more per week than their partners who hold a day job in office. It is never quite a fair trade off (and will never be), so we’ve compiled some of the funniest reasons why homemakers always need that extra 17 hours!

What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

KBS The Return Of Superman

You’ve spent a whole day in kitchen. From breakfast to lunch and then dinner… but when it’s meal time, everyone at home will always go, “We have no food at home!” What?

You quickly head to the supermarket to gather up more groceries to cook up a feast and then someone in the family surely has another craving.

Now there are only two options for dinner. Take it or leave it!

Can we try this at home!?

Homemakers are great cooks – no doubt about that. But our fridge or kitchen aren’t a magician’s hats. There’s the perfect wok we love to use, and the awesome frying pan where food never sticks. Sometimes, we get asked, “Can we get more wok hei in your fried rice?”

Sure, we can try anything at home. The real question is, are you going to help clean up?

Now everyone is easy with whatever is on the dining table. #smallwins


Source: APersonalOrganizer

We’ve all heard of this phrase. But only a Homemaker can truly get this. The family can never find anything.

We know every square inch of the home because this is our territory and we have great pride in keeping it spotless.


Kid: I can’t find it

Mom/Dad: Check the drawer

Kid: I already did

Mom/Dad: *Pulls out item from drawer.

Supermom/ Superdad

Source: Yonhap News

To all the home makers – mum or dad, they are our superheroes! No matter the confusion or the missing items at home, home makers always make it happen without complains. The unsung heroes and the go-getters! What’s home without a home maker because even as its name suggests, we make homes!

Problem solvers. Even ones like this…

Are you a home maker? Surprise your family with some home cooked food!

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