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Sharp Skills

Knife skills are imperative for a home cook. Whipping out delicious meals is one thing but managing it with excellent plating skills (some ideas from here) and some brilliant cuts can turn your culinary creations from ordinary to extraordinary.

First and foremost – It’s all about looking sharp

Image Source: Looking Sharp

Image Source: R Murphy Knives


And because we typically spend more time in the kitchen chopping and cutting vegetables than meat (it’s true because the butcher does most of the work!). We knifed around and cut out some handy skills for you to know before you dish out your next home cooked meal.

The Julienne Cut

Image Source: Florida Coastal Cooking

Dimensions: 2mm x 2mm x 40mm
Common Uses: Carrots, Celery and Potatoes (Julienne Fries!)

It is a thin rectangular cut, some even call it the matchstick cut!

The Brunnoise Dice

Image Source: GYGI Blog

Dimensions: 3cm on all sides
Commons uses: Potatoes, Carrots, Leek, Turnips

It’s a really fine cube that is cut once again after being Julienned. In France, a brunnoise is even smaller! Almost 2mm on each side!

The Paysanne Cut

Image Source: Perfect Morsel

Dimensions: ~1.5cm x ~1.5cm x ~0.3cm
Common uses: Stems of vegetables or roots like Ginger

Now this is a thin slice! And it really depends on the shape of the vegetable. We’re talking about nice uniform slices here. This technique can really bring out the aromatics of your herbs!


Image Source:

Here’s an interesting tip from a cook book.

Remember that cutting and chopping has its own “Pick two of three”

Speed, Waste, Uniformity

If you want speed and low waste, you’ll lose uniformity.
If you want low waste and uniformity, you’ll lose speed.
If you want speed and uniformity, you’ll have more waste.

Too many things to remember? Here is a compilation of some of the finest cut which you can print and stick it on your refrigerator!

Image Source:

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