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Share Food is the leading Asian online recipe platform which showcases home cooks’ recipes from around the world. We are based in Singapore and our recipes are created by the home cooks here. We try their recipes first, film it and make it into a video so that you know every recipes featured can be made and you can definitely try it at the comfort of your home.

Our aim is to show case the myriad of recipes available here in Asia and it is not at all difficult to make your favourite Asian cuisine. Trust us, follow our recipes and cooking direction, and you can replicate the exact taste as what we are tasting here in Singapore. To date, we have gathered over hundreds of Asian recipes such as Traditional Claypot Rice, Oriental Ang Ku Kueh, Nonya Otak Otak, Malay’s Festive Mee Siam Biryani and
Crispy Chicken Rendang.

For the love of food and sharing, we will continue to feature more and more recipes and we look forward to you sharing your successful attempts of our recipes with us over here or with your friends. If you have a recipe which you would like to be featured, write to us here and we will showcase your recipe to the world!

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