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Established in May 2016, Share Food was started with a strong passion for home cooked food and South East Asia local flavours. This passion has led us to work with more than 200 home cooks and bakers in Singapore to recreate their flavours in our recipe videos.

From traditional Peranakan dishes to modern Fusion Crispy Chicken Rendang, we know what our audiences are looking for and we are obsessed in creating these tasty flavours in our high quality recipe videos

We know who you are reaching out to, let us help you to reach your target audience. Talk to us now!

We Deliver Desirable Content

We know what are people looking for when they watch a video. With our creative expertise and experience, you can be sure we are able to deliver desirable results through subtle brand message and exposure. More than just producing articles, recipes and videos, we believe in building affinity of your brand through our quality and enticing content. Nothing speaks louder than a good brand in a quality video, and we know exactly how to achieve that.

We Amplify Your Content

What’s the point of a quality content without knowing how to amplify it?That is what makes us truly unique. Our contents are seeded through  many channels, garnering organic reach and engagement, reaching millions of people. Real people engage with our content, and we influence them to engage with your brand ultimately.

Communicating with your audience through real Home Cooks’ recipes

With the experience of working with over 200 home cooks, from your stay-at-home parent, to working moms, chefs and aspiring chefs to be, food blogger, home bakers and more. We are not just a video production team, we work with home cooks to produce only the best and tastiest recipes which our audiences can cook from home, easily. What this means to you, our potential advertisers, is that your product is being used real time, by real people, giving real result.

How We Showcase

By working with Share Food, we understand your marketing objective first before working out a plan to reach out to your target audience. We have work with many advertisers and they have successfully leverage on our production and social media expertise to deliver their marketing message to the right audience.

Reaching Millions Through Us

We work with various platforms to reach your target audience.



In our first line of promotion last year, we garnered a total of 3.5million organic video views for our food recipe videos! This makes us one of the highest reach Facebook page in Singapore.



Our food videos are produced in Full HD, creating that nice and glossy feeling to watch with no details being missed out.



Square-format photos are being shared to entice more foodies and cooks to our videos and recipes!



We have a dedicated monthly newsletter with growing amount of subscribers signing up on daily basis.



Featuring our latest recipes as well as food related articles. We constantly improve the user experience of our website to deliver excellence in viewing experience.



Coming soon in July 2018! Our recipes will also be available in Pinterest, so as to reach the global market.

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