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  • Chinese

    Five times everything!

    By 12th January 2017

    Five times the Fun, and Five times the Luck! It’s five times the happiness with our...

  • Chinese

    Sweetness and joy in our Blackcurrant Pork Ribs

    By 11th December 2016

    Sweet, tender and succulent – qualities to look out for in a pork rib! This week,...

  • Announcements

    How to post user reviews on Share Food

    By 27th November 2016

    Many have asked us, “how do I leave a review for someone whom I’ve had a...

  • Desserts

    Another must-try recipe ’tis Christmas

    By 27th November 2016

    Bread puddings are one of those things that we never knew how to make because it...

  • Announcements

    Share Food featured on Lianhe ZaoBao

    By 20th November 2016

      尝尝邻居的家常美食 在家煮的食物最美味,本地全新应用Share Food让无法在家烹调食物的用户,能尝到邻居的家常美食。 Share Food 是由三人团队开创的本地应用,创办人之一卢佩雯(29岁)说,他们都喜欢源自家中的美味,但现代家庭因工作忙碌,许多人只在周末才在家做菜,周日晚餐大多在外解决,住家周围选择也有限。三人于是开发应用,将“家厨”和寻找家常美食的用户连接起来。用户使用应用搜索住家附近的家厨,浏览他们提供的佳肴,选定购买后,一餐就会递送上门。 卢佩雯认为Share food能让无法全职工作的人多一个收入来源。 Share Food上周刚推出,至今下载次数已突破2000次,有200多名家厨注册,提供中餐、西餐、印度餐、健康餐的多元口味。此外,用户也能在应用中和Share Food博客网站浏览家厨的食谱、餐饮趋势报道和烹饪示范视频。 卢佩雯说,这个应用让用户免费使用,也不向家厨抽取利润,营运模式建立一个蓬勃的美食社群,然后和餐饮品牌合作,推出相关的产品行销内容。 她说:“应用一方面让用户不用亲手下厨,就能够尝到有别于小贩中心和餐馆的家常菜肴;一方面让对烹饪有热忱的人,多一个平台分享美食。这也让无法全职工作的家庭主妇或是退休人士,多一个收入来源。” 许雪玲(46岁,销售行政员)热衷烘焙,每逢周末都会为家人下厨制作蛋糕和各色甜点,接触Share Food后就决定一试,在网上售卖芝士蛋糕和吉蒂猫杯糕,开通四天后接获三个订单。...

  • Articles

    5 things about curry that will surprise you

    By 13th November 2016

    Curry. We all love it! Yes, that’s a sweeping statement but there hasn’t been a friend...

  • Malay

    Ayam Masak Padang  印尼辣炒鸡

    By 31st October 2016

    Ayam Masak Padang is a popular Indonesia cuisine among the Minangkabau and it was first surfaced...

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