Digital Sales And Marketing Executive

Now is the best time to be in digital media. Why now? Here’s some interesting figures to share with you

- More than 71% of internet users are on social media
- There are currently 2.6 billion users on social media, and it’s expected to break the 3 billion mark by 2020 (that’s less than 3 years from now!)
- Facebook is the most used social media amongst all internet user at 2.19 billion active user monthly
- Asians are spending the most time in social medias, with South East Asia (including Singapore) contributing 360 million active users and that makes us the 3rd most active region, globally.
- 48.8% of all advertising spend will be spent towards digital, with content marketing earmarked to be one of the “most important” pillar in digital marketing

Using content as a key driver to tell a story and drive social media engagement, build brand affinity and influence buying decision in customers are what we are really good at.

Share Food was set up in 2016 when the love of social media, content creation and food come together. We crowd source recipes from over 200 home cooks and produce delicious, social media friendly food content and we are looking to produce even more enticing food content in the next 12 months.

As a sales & marketing executive, you are passionate about food and know your food well. You understand social media and digital marketing at the back of your hand and understand the value of content marketing and production. You love meeting new people and maintaining relationship and you are meticulous in your work and look into fine details. You are an achiever and believe in delivering your key objectives and at the same time helping clients to fulfill their marketing objective as well. You’re willing to learn and get your hands dirty to understand your client’s business better and you’re cheerful and always ready for new challenges.

Key Job Scope & Key Responsibilities:
- Deliver monthly sales target
- Provide professional advice and understand client’s need
- Develop marketing strategies to explore new markets/clients
- Ensure the smooth execution on all client’s campaign (post-sales)
- Assist in marketing activities and propose relevant marketing initiatives
- Support the Sales Director in all sales and marketing related matters
- Positive and driven
- Entrepreneurial spirit - don’t expect too much of hand holding
- Willing to learn and always ready to challenge
- Able to face rejection yet not giving up and willing to give a good at it again.

- Minimum ‘O’ levels
- English speaking – proficient in writing English as well
- Singaporean or PR only
- Newly graduate are welcome as well
- Bonus if you know how to cook

If you got what it takes, do apply to us now! We'll reply within a week or two. Good luck!

We have worked with many brands, helping clients to fulfill their objective.