Cheng Tng
This recipe is contributed by Mdm Cheng, this is one of her signature dessert that her family and relatives loves. It's a laborious effort to put it together,  but every bowl is filled with tender, loving, care. The Cheng Tng is not only delicious but each ingredients has a rich nutritional value that is beneficial to one's health.
Servings Prep Time
8people 3hours
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
8people 3hours
Cook Time
  • 300g gingko nuts(300克白果)
  • 50g large sago seeds(50克大西米子)
  • 100g dried logan(100克龙眼干)
  • 25 red dates(25颗红枣)
  • 50g barley(50克薏米)
  • 10 pang da hai seeds(10颗胖大海)
  • 5g jelly strips(5克琼脂)
  • 5 pandan leavetie into a knot (5片香兰叶, 绑成结)
  • 80g gula malacca(80克耶糖)
  • 50g rock sugar(50克冰糖)
Step 1: Prepare the Gingko Nuts the night before (白果前一晚准备)
  1. Remove the shell, skin and embryo of the gingko nuts. In a saucepan with 500ml of water, simmer gingko nuts for 10 mins. Add in 15g rock sugar, boil till the sugar dissolves. Transfer the gingko nuts and sugar water into an air-tight box, allow it to cool down to room temperature and store it in the chiller overnight. The sweetness will infuse into the gingko nuts and it will be “Q” when eaten. 取下白果的外壳,皮和心。在锅里烧500ml的水,小火煮白果10分钟。放入15克冰糖,煮到糖溶化。把白果和糖水倒入保鲜盒,冷却后,并把它存储在冰箱里。甜味会进入白果,食用时也会有弹性。
Step 2: Prepare the Sago Seeds the night before (西米子前一晚准备)
  1. In a casserole with 5l boiling water, pour in the sago seeds. Stir and allow it to boil for 40 mins on high fire. Monitor the water level, add in water to prevent the sago from getting burnt. Switch off the fire, close the lid, allow it to sit for 1hr. Drain, place it in a bowl of room temperature water and allow it to cool down. Most of the sago seeds should only left with 30% of white core. Repeat the steps again until the sago turns fully transparent. Drain and transfer the sago into an air-tight box, toss in 1 tbsp of white castor sugar. Store it in the chiller overnight. 在锅里煮开5升的水,倒入西米子,搅拌。用大火煮40分钟。如果水量太少,添加水,以防止西米烧焦。关火,盖上盖子,焖1小时。沥干,将西米放置在一碗室温度的水,让它冷却下来。大部分的西米应该只剩下30%白芯。再次重复步骤,直到西米变成完全透明。沥干,把西米倒入保鲜盒,加入1汤匙幼糖。拌匀,并把它存储在冰箱里。
Step 3: Prepared on the day itself (当天)
  1. (a) Barley seeds: In a saucepan of 500ml of boiling water, pour in the barley and cook for 15 mins till it softened. Drain and set aside. (薏米:在锅里烧500ml的水,倒入薏米煮15分钟,直到它软化。沥干备用。)
  2. (b) In a bowl with 500ml hot water, soak Pang Da Hai for 10 mins. Place them on a strainer, remove seed, veins and shells. (胖大海: 在一个碗里,倒入500ml的热水和胖大海,浸泡10分钟。用过滤器沥干,去除种子和杂质。)
  3. (c) Rinse red dates. Soak in 300ml of hot water for 15 mins. (红枣: 在一个碗里,倒入300ml的热水和红枣,浸泡10分钟。)
  4. (d) Cut the Jelly strips into 6cm long. Soak in room temperature water for 15 mins. (把琼脂切成6厘米长。浸泡在水中15分钟。)
Step 4: Cook (烹煮)
  1. In a big casserole, pour in 3l of water, Longan, red dates and knotted pandan leaves. Allow it to simmer for 10 minutes. Add in Gingko nuts, Gula Malacca and Rock Sugar and cook for 3 minutes. Add in sago seeds and Jelly strips, cook for 1 min. Stir in Pang Da Hai. Mix well and ready to serve. 在一个大锅里,倒3升水,龙眼干,红枣和香兰叶。让它小火煮10分钟。加入白果,耶糖和冰糖,再煮3分钟。倒入西米子和琼脂条,煮1分钟。拌入胖大海, 拌匀。熄火,即可食用。