Cranberry Orange Pistachio Bread
This week, we knead out the dough from Share Food home baker Cheryl Lai aka Baking Taitai's Cranberry Orange Pistachio Bread! Soft, fluffy, and delicious! Adding oranges give a beautiful splash of colour into what was initially an ordinary bread recipe!
Servings Prep Time
6breads 2hours
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
6breads 2hours
Cook Time
Ingredients (A) (材料 - A)
  • 90ml orange juiceFreshly squeeze (90毫升鲜橙汁)
  • 30ml fresh milk(30ml鲜奶)
  • 2 egg yolks(2个蛋黄)
  • 45g sugar(45克糖)
  • ¼tsp salt(¼茶匙盐)
  • 250g bread flour(250克面包粉)
  • 1tsp active dry yeast(1茶匙即溶酵母粉)
Ingredients (b) (材料 - B)
  • 35g unsalted butterleave it at room temperature for 30 mins (35g无盐黄油,在室温下放置30分钟)
  • 20g orange zest(20克橙色)
Ingredient (c) (材料 - C)
  • 50g pistachio(50克开心果)
  • 40g dried cranberry(40g克干蔓越莓)
MISC (其余)
  • 1 eggbeaten(1鸡蛋打散)
Step 1: Prepare the orange, cranberry & pistachio, dough(准备橙子,蔓越莓和开心果,面团)
  1. Wash the orange to remove pesticides from the surface. Use a grater to zest the oranges. Cut into half, squeeze out the juice. (把橙色的表面洗净以去除农药。用刮丝器取橙皮屑。切成两半,挤出橙汁。备用。)
  2. Pour pistachio and dried cranberry into the mini chopper. Chop it roughly, set aside. (把开心果和干蔓越莓倒入切碎机,稍微粗打,备用。)
  3. Pour in ingredient Set (A) into the mixer bowl in the sequence above. Attach the bread hook attachment, knead at low to medium speed for about 4 mins till the dough become elastic. (按照顺序将材料(A)倒入搅拌机。用低至中速度揉捏约4分钟,直到面团变得有弹性。)
  4. Add in Orange zest and butter. Continue to knead the dough at medium speed for about 10 mins, till the dough achieve the window pane texture. (加入橙皮屑和奶油。继续用中速度揉捏面团约10分钟,直到面团可拉稍透明薄膜状。)
  5. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth, let it ferment for 1 hr. (用湿布将面团盖上,让它发酵1小时。)
Step 2: Prepare the dough for baking (准备面团)
  1. Sprinkle flour on table. Place the dough the flour and give it a few punches to release the air. Shape round, cover with damp cloth and let it rest for another 15 mins. (在桌上撒上面粉。把面团放在桌上,用拳头拍打面团以排气。滚圆,盖上湿布,让它松弛15分钟。)
  2. Roll dough out on the floured table into a 36cm by 24cm rectangle. Sprinkle with chopped cranberry and pistachio evenly. Roll the dough, pinch edges and seal tightly.(将面团卷成一个36厘米×24厘米的矩形。均匀撒上切碎的蔓越莓和开心果。卷面团,将面团的尾端捏紧。)
  3. Cut the dough into 7 even slices and place it in the bread casing. Place it in the oven for final fermentation for 50 mins or more. (oven not hot at this stage). (将面团均匀的切成七片,放入面包壳中。将它放在烘箱中,发酵50分钟或更长时间。 此刻,烤箱是不热的。)
Step 3: To bake & serve (烘烤)
  1. Remove the bread from the oven, preheat oven at top/bottom heat @ 190 degree Celsius - temperature depending on oven. (从烤箱中取出面包,用190oC预热烤箱。)
  2. Brush the surface evenly with egg wash. Bake for about 9 - 10 mins. (在面团上均匀的刷上蛋液。烤约9 - 10分钟。)
  3. Remove from oven and cool it on a wire rack. (从烤箱中取出,放在凉网上冷却。即可享用!)