Crunchy Lollipop Chicken with Blackcurrant Mayo
We're sharing Fong Luan's amazing Crunchy Chicken Lollipop with Blackcurrant Mayo that is going to rock this year's Chinese New Year celebrations. This is when a satisfying snack meets with a gratifying dipping sauce. A perfect start to the festivities with unity and friendship!
Servings Prep Time
3 to 4people 15minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
3 to 4people 15minutes
Cook Time
  • 1.6kg chicken drumlet(1.6公斤小鸡腿)
  • ½tsp salt(半茶匙盐)
  • ½tsp ground black pepper(半茶匙黑胡椒)
  • 1tsp gingerminced (1茶匙姜,切碎)
  • 2/3cup cornstarch(2/3杯蜀粉)
Coating Sauce (酱汁)
  • 4cloves garlicminced (4瓣大蒜,切碎)
  • 4 dried red chili pepperscut into ⅓ inch pieces. Soak in water to rehydrate. (4红辣椒干,切成3段。浸泡在水里。)
  • ¼ cup soy sauce(四分之一杯酱青)
  • ½cup ribena blackcurrant cordial(半杯利宾纳黑加仑子浓果汁)
  • 1tbsp white vinegar(1汤匙白醋)
  • 1tbsp soft brown sugar(1汤匙红糖)
Dipping Sauce (蘸酱)
  • 3tbsp Japanese mayonnaise(3汤匙日本蛋黄酱)
  • 2tbsp ribena blackcurrant cordial(2汤匙利宾纳黑加仑子浓果汁)
  • 1tbsp lemon juice(1汤匙柠檬汁)
  • cup peanuts / cashew nuts(⅓杯花生/腰果)
Step 1: Prepare the chicken(准备小鸡腿)
  1. Slit the bottom of the drumlet, push the meat upwards and make the lollipop shape. *Watch cooking video*. Marinate the drumlet with salt, ginger and ground black pepper. On a plate with corn starch, coat each drumlet evenly, squeeze the meat tightly. (把小鸡腿底部的肉切开,把肉往上推,做成棒棒糖的形状。 然后, 用盐,姜和黑胡椒腌鸡腿。接着,均匀的抹上一层蜀粉。备用。)
Step 2: 1st Round of deep-frying the drumlet (第一轮:油炸小鸡腿)
  1. In a wok, heat 1l oil. To check if the oil is ready, dip a wing into it. If the oil bubbles, it’s hot enough to start frying. Slide the coated wings one by one into the oil and cook for about 7 to 8 minutes. Once it’s ready, transfer the chicken onto a plate and set aside. (在锅里,热1升油。要检查油是否够热,放入一只鸡腿。如果油在鸡腿边沸腾,这表示油已经够热,您就可以将其他的鸡腿一个一个的放入油锅里炸。炸约7〜8分钟, 把油沥干,放在盘里备用。)
Step 3: Prepare the coating sauce (准备酱汁)
  1. In a frying pan with 2 tbsp of cooking oil, fry minced garlic and red chilli pepper, until it releases it’s fragrance. Add in soy sauce, Ribena blackcurrant cordial and vinegar. Stir and mix well, let it bubble for a few minutes. Add in soft brown sugar, stir until it reduce and thickens. (在煎锅里,热2汤匙油。加入蒜末,红辣椒干,翻炒直到释放香味。加入酱青,醋,利宾纳黑加仑子浓果汁。搅拌拌匀,让它沸腾几分钟。加入红糖,均匀搅拌直至它变的浓稠。)
Step 4: 2nd Round of deep-frying the drumlet (第二轮:油炸小鸡腿)
  1. Reheat the deep-frying oil and fry the drumlets again. This step will make the chicken extra crunchy! Fry it for another 12 - 15 mins until it turns golden brown. 把炸鸡腿的油再次加热。把鸡腿放入锅里,油炸第二遍。这一步骤,能使鸡腿的外皮更脆!炸一个12-15分钟,直到变成金黄色。)
Step 5: Coat the fried drumlet with the sauce (混合炸鸡腿和酱汁)
  1. Reheat the sauce in the frying pan, add in the fried drumlets. Stir and coat it evenly. Transfer into a serving plate. 加热酱汁,到入炸好的小鸡腿。搅拌均匀,让每一个鸡腿都沾上酱汁。摆放在盘子上。)
Step 6: Dipping sauce and Ready to serve! (准备蘸酱,即可享用!)
  1. In a dipping sauce bowl, mix all ingredients together. Adjust to taste and top it up with cashew nuts. Serve with drumlets immediately. (在碗里,混合所有蘸酱的材料。加入腰果或花生,与鸡腿一起享用!)