Friuli-style stuffed Grilled Squid
Perfetto - is probably what Jeffrey Yeo would want us to say after he tried out his Fruli-style stuffed grilled squid recipe because it is just packed (literally) with so much flavours and had a perfect combination of taste and texture.
Servings Prep Time
7 to 8people 15minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
7 to 8people 15minutes
Cook Time
  • 125g bread crumbs panko(125克日本面包屑)
  • 200ml pasteurised crabmeat(200ml 蟹肉)
  • 3cloves garlicchopped (3瓣蒜,切碎)
  • 1/2cup fresh parsleychopped finely (半杯新鲜欧芹,切碎)
  • 1/2cup dried parsley(半杯干欧芹)
  • ¼cup dried basil(¼杯干罗勒)
  • ¼cup dried oregano(¼杯干牛至)
  • 100ml cottage cheese/ ricotta cheese(100ml干酪/ Ricotta奶酪)
  • pepper to taste (胡椒,调味)
  • salt to taste (盐,调味)
  • tentacles and wings of the squidscut into small pieces (鱿鱼的触手和翅膀,切成小块)
Step 1: Prepare the breadcrumb
  1. In a heated frying pan without oil, toast breadcrumbs to golden brown. (在无油的热锅里,把面包屑烤到金黄色。)
Step 2: Prepare the Squid and Fillings(准备鱿鱼和馅料)
  1. First clean the squid; remove the tentacles and wings and cut them into small pieces.
  2. In a frying pan with oil, sear tentacles and wing over medium flame to a point of charring the skin, then sauté them for a few minutes. Add in toasted breadcrumbs and the rest of the ingredients for fillings into the pan. Stir well over low heat for a few minutes. Transfer to a bowl and let cool. Make sure the filling is dry and pasty. Drain off excess water. (清洗鱿鱼;去除触手和翅膀,将它们切成小块。在煎锅中热油,用中火烤触手和翅膀直到它稍微有点焦。然后,翻炒几分钟。加入烤面包屑和其余馅料的材料。在低热下搅拌几分钟。取出,备用。馅料应该是干或糊状。 如果太湿,就要把多余的水去掉。)
Step 3: Stuff the squid (把馅料放入鱿鱼里)
  1. Fill each squid with the fillings, seal the opening of the squid tubes with a couple of tooth picks. Do not overfill as the Squid will shrink when cooked. (把馅料放入鱿鱼里,并用一对牙齿密封鱿鱼的开口。不要放太多馅料,因为鱿鱼在煮式会收缩。)
Step 4: Cook the squid. Total cook time: 6 - 8 mins (烹煮鱿鱼.总烹饪时间:6 - 8分钟)
  1. In a heated pan with oil, sear one side of the squid for 2 mins, use an object to press down the squid so that it increases the contact area for more even cooking. Flip to another side and do the same.(在煎锅中热油。放入鱿鱼,煎2分钟,用炒菜铲压下鱿鱼,以增加接触面积,更均匀的烹煮鱿鱼和馅料。翻转到另一边,以同样的方式煎2分钟。最后,再返回另一边,煎2分钟。)
Step 5: Ready to serve(即可享用)
  1. Transfer the squid on a chopping board and let cool. Slice into rings before serving. Serve with salt, pepper and Lemon juice. (把鱿鱼放在砧板上。在上菜前切片,与盐,胡椒和柠檬汁, 一同享用。)