Fusion Pineapple Apple Rice Burger
When it comes to guilt-free food, our home cook, Wyatt Tan, certainly knows it all. He came out with a Korea inspired brown rice burger with caramelized pineapple and apple while adding in the juicy bulgogi beef. This is a really creative, tasty and healthy burger and truly fit our PPAP theme this week!
Servings Prep Time
2people 1hour
Cook Time Passive Time
20minutes 4hours
Servings Prep Time
2people 1hour
Cook Time Passive Time
20minutes 4hours
  • 2cups brown ricecooked according to instructions (2杯糙米,按照指示煮饭)
  • 2tbsp black sesame seeds(2汤匙黑芝麻)
  • 2 eggsbeaten (2个鸡蛋)
  • 1/2cup all-purpose flour(1/2杯通用面粉)
  • 200g beefsliced (200克牛肉片)
  • 5tbsp bulgogi sauce(5汤匙韩式烤肉酱)
  • 1 onionchopped(1个洋葱,切碎)
  • 4slices pineapple(4片凤梨片)
  • 10slices apple(10片苹果)
  • 6pieces lettuces(6片莴苣)
  • olive oil(橄榄油)
  1. Step 1: Marinate sliced Beef with Onions and Bulgogi sauce for at least 4 hours in the chiller. (将牛肉片,洋葱和韩式烤肉酱混合在一起。 放入冰箱腌至少4个小时。)
  2. Step 2: Mix cooked Brown Rice, Black Sesame Seeds, Eggs and Flour in a bowl and set aside. (将煮熟的糙米,黑芝麻,鸡蛋和面粉混合在一起。备用。)
  3. Step 3: In a frying pan with olive oil, place a cylinder mould on it and stuff ¾ of the rice mixture in it. Press to even it. Allow it to cook for 5 mins, remove the cylinder mould and flip the rice mixture. Allow it to cook for another 5 mins until the top forms a golden brown crispy layer. Continue to cook the rest of the rice mixture which will give you a total of 4 rice bun patty. Set aside. (在中热煎锅里倒入橄榄油,放入圆模。把1/4的糙米放入圆模里,轻轻压平,煎5分钟。小心翼翼的取出圆模,把糙米翻转到另一面,煎5分钟直到顶层形成金黄色。取出,备用。以同样的步骤,煎剩下的糙米。)
  4. Step 4: In the same frying pan, sear the Beef with Onion until it is cooked. Set side. In the same pan that has the Bulgogi sauce, cook the pineapple and allow it to caramelise. Set aside. Next, lay the Apple in the pan to heat it up. Do not cook the Apple for too long as it will lose its crunchiness. (在同一个煎锅,把腌好的牛肉煮熟。取出,备用。把凤梨放入锅里煮稍微有一点焦。取出,备用。 然后,在放入苹果。不要煮苹果太久,因为它会失去原有的酥脆口感。)
  5. Step 5: Assemble the burger! Rice bun patty, lettuces, beef, pineapple, apple and another rice bun patty. (把汉堡以以下的步骤叠起 - 糙米馍饼,生菜,牛肉 凤梨,苹果和糙米馍饼。 上菜咯!)