Golden Fatt Choy Chicken Roll (Ngoh Hiang)
Five times the Fun, and Five times the Luck! It's five times the happiness with our Golden Fatt Choy Chicken Roll (Ngoh Hiang) 發財五香! Today's recipe is shared by interior designer Rontree Chan who combined forces with MAGGI to recreate another festive favourite. A bite size finger snack that is fit for any occasion.
Servings Prep Time
4 to 5people 1hour
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
4 to 5people 1hour
Cook Time
  • 1packet black mossrinsed and dried (1包发菜,清洗沥干)
  • 1packet bean curd skin(1包腐皮)
  • 500g minced chicken(500克鸡肉,剁碎)
  • 300g prawndeshell and devein, diced (300克大虾, 去壳和去静, 切块)
  • 20pcs water chestnutsremove skin and diced (20个马蹄,去皮,切块)
  • 10pcs chinese dried shitake mushroomrehydrated for 1 hr and diced (10个香菇,浸泡水中1小时.切块.)
  • 2tbsp white oniondiced (2汤匙白洋葱,切块)
  • 2tbsp spring onionchopped(2汤匙切段的葱)
  • 2tbsp chinese celery stemchopped (2汤匙切段的中国芹菜茎)
Seasoning (调味料)
  • 2tsp MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock(2茶匙MAGGI鲜鸡汁)
  • 1tbsp MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock(3汤匙MAGGI鲜鸡汁)
  • ½tbsp sugar(½汤匙白糖)
  • 1tbsp light soy sauce(1汤匙酱青)
  • 2tsp five spice powder(2茶匙五香粉)
  • ½tsp pepper(½茶匙胡椒粉)
  • 1tsp salt(1茶匙盐)
  • 1tbsp sesame oil(1汤匙麻油)
  • 1tsp corn flour (1茶匙蜀粉)
Dipping Sauce (沾酱)
  • MAGGI Chilli Sauce(MAGGI辣椒酱)
Step 1: Marinate & Mix the Ingredients(准备鸡肉馅)
  1. Marinate black moss with 2 tsp of MAGGI Concentrated Chicken Stock. (在一个碗里,混合发菜和2茶匙MAGGI鲜鸡汁.)
  2. In a mixing bowl, pour in all the remaining ingredients and seasoning, except for black moss and beancurb skin. Mix well and set aside.( 在一个碗里,混合发菜和2茶匙MAGGI鲜鸡汁. 搁放在一边。在另一个碗里,除了发菜和豆腐皮,混合剩余的材料和调味料。搁放在一边。)
Step 2: Wrap the Chicken Roll (包五香)
  1. Cut 2 sheets of beancurb skin, measuring 20cm x 20cm, and lay it on a work top. Use a clean damped cloth to wipe the surface to remove the excess salt on the beancurd sheet. (剪2片20cm x 20cm腐皮,并放置在厨台。使用干净的湿布轻轻的摸擦表面,以去除腐皮上多余的盐。)
  2. Leave the top 5cm and 2cm on the remaining 3 sides empty, spread a thin layer of meat mixture on the beancurd skin. (在腐皮的上段留5厘米的空位,和剩余的3边留2厘米的空位。在腐皮上抹上一沉薄薄的鸡肉馅。)
  3. Spread the black moss on the mixture. Follow by placing a roll of thick meat mixture in the centre. (接着,在鸡肉馅上放上发菜。然后,在中心放置一卷厚厚的鸡肉馅。)
  4. Slowly roll from bottom to top, seal the edge with water. Pinch to seal both ends. (从底部慢慢的把五香卷上。用水密封,捏合以密封两端。)
Step 3: Deep Frying & Ready to serve (炸鸡卷)
  1. In a wok,use medium flame to heat up 2l of oil. Deep chicken roll for about 6 - 8 mins until it turns golden brown. Transfer to a chopping board. (在炒锅里,用中火热2升的油。将五香放入热油中,炸约6 - 8分钟,直到它变成金黄色。)
  2. Slice and serve with MAGGI Chilli Sauce! (切片并与MAGGI 辣椒酱一起享用!)