Minty Apple Lemon Sorbet
Servings Prep Time
2pax 4hrs 15mins
Servings Prep Time
2pax 4hrs 15mins
  • 6 red applesremove seeds and cut into smaller pieces
  • 3tbsp lemon juice
  • 6 mint leavesas desired
  • 1tbsp white sugaras desired
  • 200ml water
Step 1: Blend the apple and freeze into cubes
  1. Place all ingredients into the blender, blend till smooth.
  2. Pour the ingredients into the ice cube trays. Freeze it for 2 hrs.
Step 2: Blend the frozen apple cubes
  1. Place the frozen apple cubes into a strong blender. Use ice function and blend till smooth. Try to work as fast as possible to minimize melting.
  2. Spread the sorbet into a container, cover with lid, and put back in the freezer for about 2 hrs to firm up.
  3. Scoop using an ice cream scoop and decorate with some mint leaves to serve.