Mutton Sup Tulang
Slurpppp...tsk tsk were the only sounds that emitted from the Share Food kitchen after we made this incredible dish from Suzarita's cookbook - Mutton Sup Tulang! Her last words in her recipe were "it should be spicy, sweet and sour" but she forgot to include that its taste will knock us off our feet! Succulent and tender chucks of mutton melts in every bite, and the broth? Heavenly.
Servings Prep Time
3 to 5people 30minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
3 to 5people 30minutes
Cook Time
Preparation for the Meat & Bone
  • 2kg bones(2公斤骨头)
  • 1/2kg mutton(半公斤羊肉)
  • 2tbsp sugar(2汤匙糖)
  • 2inch gingersliced (2寸姜,切片)
  • 2 lemongrass (2个香茅切半打扁)
Chilli Paste, to blend (辣椒酱,搅和)
  • 3 red onions(3个红洋葱)
  • 4 shallots(4个葱)
  • 2inch gingersliced (2寸姜,切片)
  • 15cloves garlic(15瓣大蒜)
  • 40 dry chiliadd to your desired spiciness (40个辣椒干)
Group 1 Ingredient (第一组材料)
  • 2 tomatoescut into 4 wedges each (2个番茄,切成4块)
  • 4tbsp tomato puree(4 汤匙番茄泥)
  • 4tbsp tomato sauce(4汤匙番茄酱)
  • 4tbsp chili sauce (4汤匙辣椒酱)
  • 4tbsp sweet soy sauce(4汤匙甜酱油)
  • 2tbsp meat curry powder(2汤匙咖喱粉)
  • 4tbsp chicken seasoning powder(4汤匙鸡精粉)
  • 3pcs cardamom(3个绿色Cardamom)
  • 1pcs star anise(1个八角)
  • 3pcs cloves(3个丁香)
Group 2 Ingredient (第二组材料)
  • 4pcs potatocut into 4 (4个马铃薯,切成4块)
  • cabbageshred (白菜,切丝)
  • 4 Lime leaves(4片青柠叶)
  • 2tbsp cornflour(2汤匙玉蜀黍粉)
  • 6tbsp water(6汤匙水)
  • saltto taste (盐调味)
  • sugarto taste (糖调味)
Step 1: Prepare the Meat & Bone (准备羊肉和骨头)·
  1. After washing the bones and the meat, rub sugar on it to tenderize the meat. Place them into the stock pot, add enough water to cover and slow cook for 45 mins(把骨头和肉洗干净后,擦上白糖让肉嫩化。将它们放入汤锅里,倒入水足够开着全部的肉和骨头,用慢火焖煮45分钟。)
  2. 45 mins later, replace the water. Add in ginger slices and lemongrass. Cook for another 1hr 30 mins.(45分钟后,更换水,加入姜片和香茅,再煮1小时30分钟。)
Step 2: Blend the Chilli paste (混合辣椒酱)
  1. Add in all the ingredients into the blender. Blend till fine.(加入所有材料放入搅拌机里搅拌。)
Step 3: Cook the Tulang
  1. Mix the cornflour and water in Group 2 for cooking later (2汤匙玉蜀黍粉和6汤匙水(第二组材料),拌匀)
  2. In a wok with heated oil, add in blended paste and stir-fry till fragrant and oil surfaces on the chilli paste. (在一个炒锅里,热油。倒入辣椒酱, 翻炒至到辣椒酱释放香味和油浮面。)
  3. Add all Group 1 ingredient into the pan, mix well. Add in Tulang and Meat. (把第一组材料放入锅里,拌匀。加入骨头和羊骨)
  4. Add in the potatoes and lime leaves. Season it with salt and sugar to your desired taste and leave to simmer for at least 30 min. Check and stir occasionally. Once the potato is cooked, add in the cornflour water and mix well.  Cover and allow it to simmer for another 10 - 15 mins. Lastly, add in shredded cabbage and ready to serve! (加入马铃薯和青柠叶。然后,用盐和糖调味。让它焖煮至少30分钟,偶尔翻搅以免锅底烧焦。马铃薯煮松后,加入玉蜀黍水。盖上,在它再焖煮10到15分钟。最后,加入包菜丝。即可上菜!