Thai Basil Pork with Red Lentil Fusilli
Servings Prep Time
2people 10minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
2people 10minutes
Cook Time
  • 170g Red Lentil Fusilli
  • 1.5L waterfor boiling the pasta
  • 1tsp salt
  • 250g minced pork
  • 15g fresh western sweet basil
  • 4 red chilli padicut into small pieces
  • 4 garlic clovesminced
  • 80g long beancut into 1 cm long each
  • 2 eggs
Seasoning sauce
  • 2tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 1/2tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 1/2tbsp soy sauce
  • 1/2tsp dark soy sauce
  • 1tsp sugar
Step 1: Prepare the ingredients
  1. Garlic: Use a knife to flatten it slightly. Remove the skin, slice and minced it
  2. Red chilli padi: Cut into small pieces
  3. Long bean: Cut the long bean into 1cm long each
  4. Mix the seasoning into a bowl, give it a good stir and set aside
Step 2: Boil the pasta
  1. In a pot, boil 1500ml water.
  2. Once it starts to boil, add salt and pasta. Give it a good stir and let it cook for 7 mins.
Step 3: Cook the basil pork while the pasta is boiling
  1. In a frying pan, heat 2 tbsp oil. Add in chilli and garlic, fry till the fragrant releases.
  2. Add in the pork. Use your spatula to quickly break up the pork. Stir-fry it till it’s about ¾ cooked and you don’t see big lumps. Add in the seasoning, stir fry it till the pork is cooked.
  3. Add in long bean and fry for 30 sec.
  4. Add in the fresh basil leaves and fry till the herb wilts.
  5. Add in the boiled fusilli, give it a cook mix and let it simmer on low heat for 2 mins. Add in some pasta water if the gravy is too dry.
  6. Once it’s cooked, set aside in the pan and let the flavors come together.
Step 4: Cook Sunny-side up, assemble and serve.
  1. In a pan with a lid, heat 1 tbsp oil.
  2. Crack in an egg. Cover with the lid and let it cook for 1 min.
  3. The egg is ready when the rim is brown and crispy.
  4. Dish out the pasta and top it up with an egg.